"Imagination is the key that unlocks the chains of reality."

Going nuckin' futs...one day at a time.

20 November
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Hrmm..what to say about me...Crap, I got nothin. Well, not nothin', I'm a decent bloke who thinks himself a toy-maker (plush toys currently), I collect toys, play video games (Second Life being the one I'm currently hooked on), watch TV, hang out with my friends, work, enjoy reading/collecting comic books, playing RPG's (Role-Playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons) every so often & trying to create new things to keep my interests. I like animals, if that's soemthing else to say. Bah, I hate these confounded things,I can never figure out what the smurf to say. >_< Ah well, IM me or send me a message of some kinda or leave comments on blogs, if'n ya wanna chat or soemthing, LoL. OH! I also collect Playmobil toys as they're emmensley amusing to me, lol. ^__^