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Toyin' Around Game Session Pics: October 13th 2005 (Part 2 of 3)

Last time the Insiders just encountered a pack of zombies. Tonight we'll show what happened. Commentary is under each photo:

I really love how this picture came out, the lighting from the lamp in the background against the wall almost makes it look like the sun is rising/setting in the distance. With the various zombies shambling towards the group, it has a very "Dawn of the Dead" look to it. These zombies, as cool as they were, are a bitch and a half to stand up- especially on the green cloth that is the swamp floor. G.I. Joe figure stands saved the day as the sockets on their feet are just the right size to help them not to fall over. Only regret I have is not adding more special effects to the photographs, I'd have loved to include a blast effect and the zombie's head going *POOF!*. This is something I'll correct in future session photos odds are and if time permits.

Another thing I love about these zombies is that their arms and legs are removable, so blasting them apart piece by piece just made the session more interesting. This cart was made for 3 inch tall Playmobil figures, so it's funny to see Kurt kneeling in the back of the cart just so he can fit properly. I forgot that Donny had given Kurt a pineapple grenade too, thankfully Kurt's prehensile tail allows him to throw it and still keep his hands on the shotgun.

Best way to take down zombies is to shoot them right between the eyes. Kurt managed to land a head-shot here and down the shell-ridden zombie went. A few more zombies lie dead in the background, evidence of SideSwipe and Donny's own marksmanship.

It's been so long that I can't remember if Sideswipe actually hit anyone during this drive-by. I think he's a decent shot, so it's possible. Whats funny is I recently noticed that this particular G.I. Joe weapon was a laser-rifle, so it would not have even worked in the Swamp Zone. Hmmm....maybe that's why he didn't hit anything very often...

Py-Roh, for some reason (maybe low initiative?), didn't get into combat much until the end. I dunno, maybe Cataro was letting the others get some shots in before he swooped down and lit them all on fire. Not many toys realized it, but Py-Roh is REALLY powerful due to being intangible flames given form. He's constantly ablaze and while physically weak, he can really do serious damage given the right circumstances.

I'm always curious about the context of photographs too. Here we can see Nolan and I in a conversation (with Nolan talking and me listening), but what was it about? I'll go out on a limb and assume something about the game, but who knows? I see Nolan's character card/sheet in his hand so this also gives credence to that theory. The world may never know. It's also funny to note that the Russ Troll is standing by his head on the back of the couch.

Just an aerial shot of all the zombies that were killed as they passed through. Granted they are already dead, now they are totally dead. I kept re-using the same zombies over and over again. They would not be considered the exact same ones, it was just an easier way to use the same troops over and over without having to buy more.'s been like 10+ years since these toys came out, I wonder if they're cheap on eBay...

If I remember correctly, what I was doing for this session was consulting a Random Encounter table that I made to decide what the Insiders would face next. This time, they encountered the Macabre Man-Thing again. When I was adjusting the brightness on this picture I added red dots to bring out the eerie red glow his eyes always have in the comics. I don't think I own any Marvel Legends toys anymore except for this one. It's literally the only time this character ever made it into toy form in this scale (they made a crappier, smaller one in the mid-to-late 90's), so holding onto him is a must. Plus if I ever want to put him in the game again, it's good to have him around.

When I turned the brightness up on this picture, we get a clearer shot of Nolan (Kurt's Player) sitting on "The Couch of Gaming" and apparently looking through a comic book...or a Playmobil toy catalog. He's also wearing an I-Con T-Shirt, although I'm not learn-ed enough to know which year had the rocket ship on the front. The Man-Thing, in this game as well as the marvel comics, is empathic but feels emotions in different ways then we do. Happiness fills him with positive feelings, where as fear causes him extreme pain. So much so, he has to destroy the source of that pain with the acidic secretions that come from his hands. This is where the saying "All who know fear, BURN at the touch of the Man-Thing!" came from in the comics. Luckily for the Insiders they're not afraid of him, primarily as they've encountered crazier things and Py-Roh and Donny ran into him before (see the 10/6/2005 game session photos).

I distinctly remember this photo, as it was one of the few times that Nolan really role-played in the game sessions. He always participated, but Kurt never spoke as much as he did here. I remember him approaching the castle and talking to it. The word bubble I put in the picture for Kurt is as accurate as I can remember it. I said "weeks" more because that's how long we'd been playing for, in game time I think it had only been a few days or so. It's also interesting to note that Py-Roh had acquired another pair of Inferno Fury wings and a backpack that he affixed them to giving him an almost dragonfly look.

Never one to make things extremely easy, the Insiders finally found Castle Grayskull...but now they have to get inside it. *head-desk*. This Castle Grayskull isn't the original one from the 80's, but a newer electronic one that came out for the new Masters of the Universe toy line that was released in 2001. This one was scaled for 6" tall figures, so it was more proportionate to Py-Roh and Kurt then the old one would have been. If I had the original one, I odds are would have still used this one...although the older one is much cooler looking color-wise.

Next batch of pictures should be coming soon, as doing these in groups of 10 or so seems to be working for me. I really want to get all the sessions up for you guys (Nolan, Cataro, Amanda, etc.) to look at. After this I still have the 2006 group's pics to post as well as the 2007's groups photos. Sheesh I'm going to be busy. Take care guys and check back here soon.


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