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Toyin' Around Game Session Pics: October 6th, 2005 (Part 3 of 3)

Okay, it's been almost 8 months since the last post, so now I'm just buckling down and posting the last of the pictures for the October 6th 2005 game session. That's right, it's been almost a year and I'm STILL posting from the same day. O_o

I'm just going to dive right into this. This last batch of pictures SHOULD be the final pics with text edited into them. After this, the next session's pictures will have text under each photo. Enjoy!

I liked putting the Man-Thing into the game, he was always a favorite obscure Marvel character of mine. Plus, he just lends himself well to the toy game as a sort of random-encounter monster. He shows up in the game a few more times so you'll see more pics of him soon. We also see Amanda (who plays "Donny") looking over her character sheet.

I forget exactly WHY Donny put on the ghost hood, but maybe it was to avoid being seen by the Chimeras? The ghost hood is a very powerful accessory, not sure where it went off to...

After Py-Roh and Donny rescued the gnomes, they were able to whip-up a life point restoring potion to feed to Sideswipe. Once drank, Sideswipe was alive and ready to get to work re-animating Kurt, Donny and Ty-Grrr.

Excited to be together again, the Tree Stump Goblin and his gnome friends celebrate. Not sure if these guys show up again anytime soon, but they were also fun to toss in the game. Actually, the Thief Gnome was part of a restaurant exclusive in Playmobil's home country of Germany. I'd acquired them recently and was happy to include them in the session as they are cool figures.

Just a pic of Sideswipe/Riff Raff eating some playmobil food. I actually used this photo elsewhere as the Sideswipe/RiffRaff stock photo for his bio.

A bunch of different patrons join in on the celebration the Insiders and Gnomes are having. This Saloon has always served as a hub in all of the Toyin' Around games, so these shots where the toys are together having a good time always brings back fond memories.

A very wreckless (and drunk) Sideswipe leaps onto Kurt's back. This will soon be a move he would regret...

We always had a lot of fun picking on Sideswipe (maybe that's why Nolan always referred to him as "Riff Raff"?), especially during these down-times at the Golden Nugget.

Handlebar is a toy from Mattel's 1980's Bravestarr toyline. In that line, he was the owner of a saloon so here he still finds himself drawn to saloons. Now he's just the bouncer.

As Py-Roh had collected and stored such a large amount of Xevoz toy parts in his Xevolver accessory, that he decided to pull them all out and make a friend; literally. Ty-Grrr stands in shocked awe that Py-Roh's plan ACTUALLY worked. I don't recall if the toy was literally alive as the other toys were, or if he just built it for fun. As it didn't show up again in the game, I'd wager it was the latter.

To keep their medic from being de-animated again, a group vote calls to lock him up to keep him safe. Sideswipe was too plastered on Liquid Animyte (what toys ingest to restore Life Points) to argue.

Here Donny was just taking a pic with Sideswipe, but it looks more like he was waiting to ring Sideswipes neck. Oh, the weird effect around the two of them is from be turning up the Brightness/Contrast on the photo. The original was so low, the characters in the back got lost. You'll see this effect done on lots of these pictures, some more well hidden then others.

Next time (which will hopefully be soon), we will start seeing pictures from the October 13th 2005 game session. After that we have two more groups of sessions from October, and then 2 more in November. After those next four groups of pics the 2005 Toyin' Around RPG game group will be over and we'll be moving to the next group from 2006. So, progressing slowly but surely. Stay tuned!

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