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Toyin' Around Game Session Pics: October 5th 2005 (Part 1 of 3)

GAH! Never enough hours in the day to get caught up with this stuff. I sware, I really just need to use some of my vaction time from work & take a few days off so I can ACTUALLY sit down & edit ALLLL the old Toyin' Around pictures.

As I just finished editing Part 6 of "The Halloween That Wasn't", I figured I'd try to at least get a few of the old Toyin' Around photos up on my LJ. Today starts Part 1 of the October 6th 2005 (yes, it's been 3 years, I know) Toyin' Around game session. This game involved myself as the Toy Master, Nolan as Marvel Legends Nightcrawler (aka "Kurt"), Amanda as Storage Shell Donatello & Mike as Py-Roh the Inferno Fury from Xevoz.

In our LAST session (September 28th, which can be seen if you click, HERE, ) 2 of the Insiders (Donny & Sideswipe, aka "Riff Raff") were de-animated inside the swamp zone & brought back to the Golden Nugget Saloon to get re-animated...only there isn't any toys here that can do that.

Using a device that Donny had made (apparently when no one else was looking ~_^), his conciousness was "uploaded" into it, letting him remain active while his body wasn't. Only problem was they needed a body to attach the brain-jar head to.

These 4 Predacon transformers (Leatherback, the crocodile, Snapper the snapping turtle, Transquito, the mosquito & Terragator, the aligator/snapping turtle) had fought the Insiders before while they were all in the Swamp Zone. As there is a curse over the Swamp Zone that doesn't allow any high-technology toys to function within it's boundries, the Predacons were forced to remain in beast mode. Aparently while in beast mode the curse doesn't effect them but this limits their usefulness. NOW...outside of the swamp zone, they are at their full combat potential & ready to get a little payback on our heroes. Doesn't look good, especially seeing as their medic, Sideswipe, is out of the picture & it's 3 vs 4...

Transquito, leads the charge & shows no mercy while engaging the insiders in combat. And judging by that fortune cookie on the table, we had Chinese food for our dinner break that night.

Annnd a random shot/product placement with Mike in the background.

Apprently, this was MY night to roll high & I kept hitting the PC's, or just flat-out critting on them, de-animating them in one or two shots. The four of us really had to get imaginative to pull a lot out of our asses just to keep the game going.

With Nightcrawler de-animated, Transquito laughs in triumph as his predacons cut a swath through the Insiders. Fighting animals = easy. Fighting robots with very powerful laser blasters = not so easy.

Annnnd there it goes. I believe Py-Roh was the last NPC to drop at this point. Next time I post pictures, you'll get to see what happened to him afterwards.

With only Don-Grrr alive and all the Predacons fully powered, this did not look like a battle he/they/it(?) could win, especially with Py-Roh obliterated. As Leatherback was the one who dealt the killing blow, he couldn't take the pressure of ending the game early and broke the Fourth Wall to fellow Predacon Snapper.

Mike was shocked if I remember, as this was the first time during the game his character actually got reduced to 0 Life points. We took the figure apart to represent his flames being scattered, but this was a real eye-opening experience for the players; getting de-animated became a very real possibility.

For more info on the the Insiders as well as their adventures in Billy's house, follow the links below:

September 21st, 2005
September 28th, 2005 (Part 1)
September 28th, 2005 (Part 2)

Hopefully I'll get a chance to post another batch of pictures from this session, but it's always so time consuming as I need to shrink the photos by at least half, then I need to add text to them, transport them off my iMac, upload them to photobucket & then finally post them here. The only reason these 10 pics got up her so quickly was that 1) I apparently had finished 1-to-6 sometime a few months ago & 2) I already had a folder on photobucket made for these pics already.

So, until next time, take care friends who read this & here's hoping there's more to come sometime in the not-to-distant future! ^_^


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