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Toyin' Around Game Session Pics: PART 2

O_O..........okay, it's been like 4 or so months since I posted the first part of the September 28th Toyin' Around game session. I've been meaning to post the rest, but due to various excuses I haven't gotten around to doing so until tonight.

There are at least 6 or so more of gaming sessions photographed & as most of them contain at least 50+ photos, I don't know how fast I can edit them for posting here. The next session (October 6th 2005) was a good one, so I want to try & get that one up sometime in the next week or two.

Until then, here's the rest of the September 28th 2005 Toyin' Around game session!

The Slime Pit is in the process of creating a Slime Warrior to serve in it's conquest of the Swamp Zone & possibly other Enviro-zones or even Billy's house! 

The Insiders take a moment to figure things out, but by that point it's too late: the Husky Helper toy Has been slimed...

Py-Roh, being a toy made of imaginary fire, is un-effected by the effects of the slime and can fight against Bone Bagg without any fear.

An Imaginext castle playset (apparently built & abandoned in the Swamp Zone for some time now) can spew forth "fireballs" from it's mouth, should the dragon sculpted into the tower be awoken.

With SideSwipe, the Insider's medic  de-animated, Ty-Grrr & Nightcrawler will have to rely on food & drink to restore any life points they've lost. Donny's shell offers little protection from the Ebony Grappler & Py-Roh's firey form seems to be keeping it away from him; which is a mixed blessing as it allows the grappler to focus on his teammates.

Tomb Wraiths are very scarce Xevoz figures to find, which is interesting as in the Xevoz toyline they are solitary by nature & rarely seen in groups. This is the only one the Insiders have ever encountered and if they're lucky it will be the last...

Tomb Wraiths enjoy hordeing magical items & treasure in the Xevoz universe, and here in the toy world they are no different. A treasure chest filled with some gold coins & a few un-explainable items will prove useful to the Insiders in the future...

No place in all of Billy's house is as well known & frequently visited as the Golden Nugget Saloon. Marshal Klik (aka 'the Marshal') saved some human money for a few years to bid on and won it through eBay. Since then, he spends most of his days tending the bar & letting adventurers & bounty hunters know of any available missions/bounties.

Major Munch, a Food Fighters toy from the mid-80's, is taking a time out from looking for bounties to eat & drink. Lightnin' & Terror Bear are here primarily on business (looking for anyone in need of adventurers) that requires their unique talents.

The red robot is named Reg-Is-Tor & is a toy created during the height of the transforming robot craze in the 1980's. He doesn't do much, but serves as the saloon's Book-Keeper/Cash Register & sometimes doubles as a bouncer when particularly rowdy toys are causing trouble. Bry is a biker Playmobil toy who spends most of his time working as a Taxi/Delivery Man for slower toys in the house/zones. He is also currently seeing the Saloon's waitress, 'Manda. He frequents the bar, ussually after he's finished working for the day & then drives her back to their place located in a small cabin inside the Forest Zone.

A small purple-haired RUSS Troll doll frequents the saloon, freaking out patrons (as well as the Marshal) with it's bare-nekkid-ness. It's been thrown out of the saloon more times then anyone can remember, but it keeps managing to find ways back in. Some mushrooms have sprouted on the awning over the entrance to the saloon & it seems to have made that into it's living space. If the Marshal didn't feel bad about shooting a nekkid toy, he'd have done so LONG ago..

Not sure why we took a photo of the Playmobil Waitress' ass, again probably one of those funny moments that we had very frequently during these game sessions.

Crow is a small, crow-person created for the Lego 'Fabuland' toyline of the 1980's. In that toyline, he was a sanitation worker but over the years while animated he developed an uncanny ability to prepare toy food. The Marshal saw his skill and usefulness as a healer and hired him as his cook. Now, he prepares food for any wounded toys that come into the saloon.

Stay tuned-in to this blog for more Toyin'Around game session photos. I'll try to post some from my current Toyin' Around game group soon, hopefully when I get all the back-logged 2005 game sessions posted. >_<

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