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Toyin' Around Game Session Pics: September 28th 2005 (Part 1 of 2)

Holy crap I'm actually doing something I said I was going to regards to posting pictures that is. ^___^

After defeating the Zombie horde the Insiders & their new allies (Charlie the Grim Skull & Needlenose the Mutant Mosquito) go on their seperate ways. The Insiders remain inside the Swamp Zone to look for the Castle Grayskull playset & claim it for their own before Mr.Smiley or any other of numberous evil toys get to it.

While walking around & exploring the odd imaginary landscape, the stumble across a "tree trunk". Inside this piece of plastic terrain a small boglin resides...

The boglin Shlurk informs them (after Py-Roh intimidates him enough to get some useful information) that their are multiple beings searching for Grayskull in the swamp. Most recently he's seen a snapping turtle, giant mosquito & an aligator with a turtle shell looking for something in the swamp and tarring up the place to find it.

The group continues onward & after walking a few dozen inches hears soemthing. They all quickly hide behind some terrain & peer over to see what it is..

These 3 animals are not really animals at all. They're transforming robots that are forced to stay in their animal forms while they're inside the swamp zone. A wizard toy enchanted the Swamp Zone to not allow any high-tech toy gadgets to function while inside the swamp. Thusly, robots, vehicles & most space-age weaponry are inert & useless while inside the boundries of the swamp.

Not one for letting evil stand idly by, Py-Roh flies into the clearing to battle these beasts.

The mosquito, named Transquito & leader of these beasts is not without a few extra tricks of his own. Being a triple-changer, that is a robot who has more then just 2 forms, Transquito transforms into his mutant insect mode to even the odds against Py-Roh.

Donny sees this & moves to a better spot to plan his next move...

The fight lasts very briefly as both fire & shotgun shells pelt Transquito's exo skeleton. Calling for a retreat, he changes into mosquito mode & flies off with Snapper & Terrorgator close behind him.

These beasts would prove more formidable in their robot modes, so it's fortunate for our heroes that they were unable to transform into them. Taking a moment to reload & heal any damage taken (which wasn't much), the Insiders press onward through the swamp.

Donny knows a bit about the legendary Slime Pit tells his friends that they are all in for a bit of trouble. Back in the 80's, the pit belonged to the Evil Horde & they used it to de-animate anyone who posed a threat to their plans for conquest. As such, the pit absorbed a huge amount of imaginary energy & became a virtually unstopable force. Somehow though, during the move from the old house to this one, the Slime Pit was lost & the Evil Horde lost one of their most poweful accesories. It had remained missing until today, & Donny wasn't happy that he had to be the one to find it..

The skeleton-like figure near the pit had slime oozing inside it's translucent torso, a vessel for the Slime Pit acting as it's eyes, ears, arms & legs. The toy in the grasp of the pit, a Husky Helper Construction Worker, struggles to free itself. Despite doing so would cause it to fall into the bubbling green slime below, he continues to try & wiggle free. The giant skull above it drips vile slime inches from his feet, as he looks up knowing his end is soon at hand.

Riff Raff informs his cohorts that he recoginizes the ebony figure inside the cage next to the pit as Snake Eyes a fellow G.I. Joe toy! How did he & that construction figure come to be here, he wonders...and will they be able to get them out un-slimed...

Tune in tomarrow..or odds are some other day this week, to find out!

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