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Toyin' Around Game Session Pics: September 21st 2005

Okay, it's taken me at least.. a year & 4 months to get these pictures edited & online for people too look at. What sucks is one of the players who played in this game isn't a friend of the group much anymore & she left the state, so she may have never seen these pics. Ah well, at least the rest of my players will get to see them.

Anywho! Here's the pics. First up, bio-photos of the Player Characters in the RPG:

We may have done one session or two without taking pictures, but it came to a point where I thought taking photos of the game would be fun. I have photos for at least 6 or so of our game sessions, & will be posting them up here for viewing within the next few days. I know I have loads of photo-stories to post up too, but these photos come first..and were taken first, so I really need to get them up before they become lost on my hard drive.

Below are 8 photos taken during the course of the first big battle. Our characters are inside an imaginary place called "the Swamp Zone". It doesn't exist in reality, more like in an imaginarily created pocket-dimension, but looks & feels just like a swamp to those in it. Our group of heroes, the Insiders, are inside this swampy bog looking for the legendary Castle Grayskull playset.

They haven't found it yet, but instead stumbled across a horde of Resident Evil 1 Zombie action figures. These zombies are hungry for plastic, & it looks like our team has their work cut out for them. Charlie & Needlenose, two toys that work in the swamp zone to try & keep the zombie population from escaping into Billy's house, have teamed up with the Insiders to help fight off these vile undead. And that's, where our photos come in...

It was with the following game session that we started using a folding card table to play on, as sitting on the floor was always uncomfortable for extended periods of time. You probably saw bits of people in the photos, including my arm holding Needlenose for this "flying" shot. LoL.

More to come, so enjoy & see you tomorrow or the next day! ^__^


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what about the toyin around session with my character and janet's (last years one i think)
Since I'm doing these Chronologically (damn that word is huge O_O), that session will most likely be last in these postings. After I return from Fun Stuff toys today, I'll try to put more photos up so we can make way to your session.