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Toyin' Around Game Session Pics: October 13th 2005 (Part 1 of 3)

During this session the Insiders head back into the dark and murky Swamp Zone and continue their search for Castle Grayskull. With a bit more fire-power this time incase they come across more zombies and a horse-drawn cart to make escaping easier, they are ready to rock and or roll. But first they have to drag Sideswipe away from the Saloon...

If the time stamp on this photo is accurate, then we didn't start playing until 12 o'clock that night. Although it's entirely possible this was during the time period when my digital camera's clock was 1 hour fast (I forgot how to change it), but we'll assume it's accurate. The Foot Soldier was captured by the Insiders during their first game session (on 9/14/2005 but was not photographed unfortunately) where they fought another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain: Groundchuck, a mutant bull and weapons expert. Donny and Ty-Grrr fought him a few times over the years, the first time back during the very first games were Amanda was my only player (2003-2005). He shows up again at some point, but not until the Return of the Insiders game sessions in 2009 (but don't quote me on that).

Note: I only had the thought of photographing the game sessions with September 21st's game session (which can be seen here: ). The Wednesday before that, September 14th I think, I took no pictures of. That session is where Kurt & Py-Roh are first animated, the group forms the Insiders, we see Blue Berret and his team, and they have their fight with Groundchuck, Killer Bee and some foot soldiers before entering the Swamp Zone.

Not sure why Marshal Klik is working the bar counter, there was a regular bartender there in previous sessions. I know that the Marshal helped build the Golden Nugget so maybe he's just covering for the bartender?? In this pic we also see (at the front of the saloon) the G.I. Joe named Lifeline.

The description says it all, not much to comment on, although you can see Amanda to the left of the picture and me (wearing a Thundercats t-shirt) to the right.

With his newly acquired Tomb Wraith wings, Ty-Grrr guards the saloon with Handlebar (not in shot). I left him behind as with the group all active again it was easier to control one NPC.

Will they find it this session? Stay tuned to find out! The group also re-purposed the Gnomes horse drawn cart as they needed something to get through the swamp zone quicker and Donny's Turtle Tunneler vehicle would not function in the Swamp Zone. Luckily all the toys are relatively small and where able to pile onto it, with Py-Roh flying along side them.

El Dorado Joe is a Playmobil bank robber for the western theme and Marshal Klik has a wanted poster with him on it. The Insiders were excited to have finally found him for the Marshal...but the T-Rex had already finished the job for them. Moving on!

This was a BIG grey furry puppet I made that can actually eat toys by swallowing them into a large pocket. In the Toyin' Around RPG universe, it was a magically created monster that lives in random zones eating whatever it comes across to absorb their life energy. The word bubbles for each character I just added in yesterday, but it appears that is what they could be saying.

This is a reason as to why I should have edited these pics long ago, I have less and less memories of the sessions themselves; exactly why Kurt is talking to Donny I am not sure of. I will assume it is due to the beast attacking them?

My favorite NPC baddies: Zombies. Thanks go out to Kay-Bee Toy stores who clearenced the HELL out of the Resident Evil toyline enabling me to grab at least 5 zombie 2-packs back in the day. They made the games always fun and a quick way to throw a challenge at the group.

This is a cool shot, but the next few pictures are just as awesome. Now that they have actual transportation, the Insiders can just zoom past the zombies and not worry about getting bitten. So, it's really just point and shoot until they move through the area. I think the PC's had fun. ^_^

Check back to this post often until I have time to post commentary for each picture.

(Edit: 10/4/2014- Looks like they're all commented on, holy crap it's been a long time coming..)

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